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March 25, closely watched and ngeniuty Series Kodak i4000 Series Scanners In Xiamen, "2010 Kodak Commercial Imaging Channel Conference in China," the official debut, and will soon entered the Chinese market, bringing low-cost, automated document collection and Management For Chinese users and efficient document processing experience. (Also released products are tr per Series High-speed scanners and sidekick series scanners, and Kodak i1405 listed next month high-speed scanner).

Asia Pacific Consumer Digital Group and president of stevegreen Graphic Communications Group, said: "These two series scanner is the Kodak decades acquisition process automation and the crystallization of the best service and support. But the most important, This scanner is to listen to the results of real-world business challenges. is because hundreds of thousands of users, can we overcome a challenge, to create the highest quality scanners. So, exactly, this is built with Kodak and the user . "

Kodak Graphic Communications Group Executive Director, Greater China, Mr. Wang Bing said: "We are committed to our customers for the efficiency of chaos, of efficiency advantages, and we look forward to continue working with all of our customers in China, a close Cooperation . As an industry leader, Kodak undertook in-depth understanding of customer's business needs, with advanced technology, quality services to help clients achieve objectives "

Kodak i4000 series scanner??-Class document capture process
I4000 series scanners, including the Kodak i4200 Scanner and KODAK i4600 scanners, specifically tailored for the production end-users, combined with the easy to use, a key scan, the advantages of integrated software functions, and simplified and new or existing document management processes integrated to form a complete information management solutions. To achieve low-cost, automated document collection and management, to play to the highest level of production efficiency.

With the same type compared to the non-Kodak scanners, Kodak scanners 5 years the total cost of ownership?? Including daily scan load Consumables , Including image processing and other costs have reduced substantially. 50 000 copies of each scan, the same type of non-Kodak scanners is as high as several times the cost of supplies. Can be said to really help the company achieve the efficiency of chaos, of efficiency advantages. "

I4000 series scanners, compact, ergonomic Design Allows ordinary end users to effectively process the document collection into new or existing information-driven business processes to go. Kodak's Smart Touch (smarttouch) feature allows end users to send digital files to regular destinations, such as email, desktop applications, shared folders and microsoftsharepoint server. i4000 Series Scanners Kodak also the perfect page software image processing technology and kofaxvrs flexible track support.

"Many small and medium enterprises login sbobet are still dependent on paper documents. The i4000 series scanner with easy-to-use framework for these enterprises to build the strongest in the information age, competitive and economic strategies to help companies beat the information first. "Kodak Commercial Imaging, Greater China Sell Director Mr. Hou Yantao said.

I4200 and i4600 scanners scanners for the production of real products, can be reached at 200dpi 100 pages / minute (ppm) and 120 pages / minute (ppm). i4000 Series Scanners in similar c-type transport the equipment for the smallest scanner, in addition i4000 series also has a straight paper path through the Road to go, its feeder capacity of up to 500. Meanwhile, i4000 series scanner is the only similar product to provide work to upgrade the speed and functionality of the scanner, can help to increase capacity as the user documentation and solutions has continued to improve, and increase production, while also continue to improve its function .

Ngenuity series scanners: make the paper into the history of the most intelligent programs

Ngenuity Series Scanners Kodak Kodak document scanning solution for next-generation innovations,
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